The IVAr team

University of York

Principal Investigator of the Intonational Variation in Arabic project

University of York & University of Chester

Postdoctoral Researcher on the Intonational Variation in Arabic project (2012-2016)

IVAr is the result of collaboration among an international network of researchers with a shared interest in the prosodic systems of spoken Arabic.

We are grateful for help and support from the following colleagues and institutions:

  • The English Training Centre, Cairo
  • Dr Ali R. Al-Hassnawi, University of Buraimi
  • Dr Yasser Salim, Buraimi University College
  • Dr Raya Kalalder, University of Amman
  • Dr Nadia Bouchhioua, UniversitĂ© de la Manouba, Tunis
  • Dr Andrew Gargett, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Nabila Louriz, Hassan II University, Casablanca

Thanks also to Kim Witten, who designed the IVAr logo.