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The IVAr team

IVAr is the result of collaboration among a network of researchers with a shared interest in the prosodic system of spoken Arabic.

 Sam Hellmuth  
 University of York
 Director of IVAr, Principal Investigator of the ESRC grant which funds it.
 Rana Almbark 
 University of York
 Postdoctoral Researcher on the IVAr project (2012-2014).

 Raya Kalalder
 University of Amman
 Associate Fieldwork Researcher in Jordan
 Nadia Bouchhioua
 Universite de al Manouba, Tunis
 Associate Fieldwork Researcher in Tunisia
 Andrew Gargett
 University of Birmingham
 Associate Fieldwork Researcher in UAE/Oman
 Nabila Louriz
 Hassan II University, Casablanca
 Associate Fieldwork Researcher in Morocco

We are also grateful for help and support from the following friends and institutions:
  • The English Training Centre, Cairo
  • Dr Ali R. Al-Hassnawi, University of Buraimi
  • Dr Yasser Salim, Buraimi University College
Thanks also to Kim Witten, who designed the IVAr logo.